Affiliate Details

Your commissions and payments on Online Panel NET

You will create a username and password so that you may enter our affiliate account interface. From our site you will be able to receive your reports that will describe our calculation of the commissions due to you. You will receive a commission for sending legal leads via your links on your site. A legal lead is, if a user subscribes on a simple form (including DOI) and engages an action on our site. All unpaid leads in the affiliate report online will need approvel, and will be confirmed after a month. You receive the commission from Buy Biz Charts Ltd., the publisher of Online Panel NET. Payments are made each month, when your account balance reaches 50 US$ or more, for the previous months’ transactions.

Signup commission

  • For each active user, you will earn a signup commission of $0.50 (base $0.25) from selected countries – see list below.
  • Once your user completes his first survey or task – at least for $1, you will earn an extra bonus of $2 per member.

The signup commissions are credited instantly, but these commissions will be approved, whenever certain conditions have been met, but not earlier than 14 days after the signup date. In a month, more than 25% of your recruited members must take surveys or tasks. These conditions include, but are not limited to, performing a further action after signup date – and only one per household and IP are allowed. We cannot reveal more than this to avoid abuse. But all fraudulent activity of your users will lead to deletion of the comissions for new members.

Lifetime commission

  • Additionaly, as your user reaches the payout of $10 (including bonuses), you will get another bonus of $2 per member.
  • Lifetime commission, for every payout an user reaches, you will be rewarded with a bonus of $2 extra per member.

In detail, you make 0.50 US$ with signup commission plus $2.00 US$ extra for first survey completition, in addition, 2.00 US$ member payout commission. In sum, you have generated a reward of 4.50 US$ for a new active member (45% of his balance). After that, you will earn 20% comission for every approved activity (including bonuses) of your users, lifetime with their payouts.

Selected countries

Only users from the following countries list will be rewarded: Argentina, Australia, Belgique, Bulgaria, Canada, Ceska Republika, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Deutschland, Espana, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italia, Japan, Magyarorszag, Malaysia, Mexico, Nederland, New Zealand, Norge, Österreich, Philippines, Polska, Prathesthiy, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Schweiz, Slovensko, Sverige, Suomi, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, UK and the US.

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Why our affiliate program is the most attractive model for publishers of paid surveys?

Simply because it is based on a three pillar model, where you as a publisher can earn maximum with your users. You receive a base amount as earnings for each signup of a new member. In addition, the first activity of the new member is rewarded with a commission of 200% of his revenue, and from then on the publisher receives a lifetime commission of 20% on all his activities. So you earn money not only once, but over and over again with your users on our website, without any further effort on your part. This is the best payment model of the future for publishers of paid surveys.

When looking at the typical fees for recruited members for an online panel, one is often paid only once for the sole registration. At first glance, this still seems attractive, as on average around $2.00 is paid per new member. The thing is that most providers of paid surveys do nowadays usually expect some activity on the part of the user, so that their participation will count as a lead. Thus, filling out profile questionnaires or participating in surveys is no longer unusual as a prerequisite for a successful lead. But from then on, all further activities of your users do not pay off, unlike our model, where you will earn $4.50 with an active user in any case, when he can request his first payout, and $2.00 per person and every further payout. And we also offer a bonus for signing up.

Furthermore, with the well-known providers of paid surveys, such as Toluna, LifePoints, Valued Opinions, Opinion Outpost, your sales have certainly dropped in recent months, due to their high advertising presence, most of those interested in paid surveys are already members of these online panels, so that you cannot generate any further leads with them. You are all the more dependent on new providers in the market to keep the attractiveness of your site high even for your regular users. Often it is the returning users of your site that make up an important part of your turnover. You can now motivate them with a not necessarily new, but less known online panel, and also earn money with them in the long term, without own efforts.

Now, the Lifetime Commission model is not generally new, as providers like ySense or Prize Rebel have been offering this for years. If you compare their affiliate programs to ours, Prize Rebel offers a 30% revenue share with no signup fee. So you would get $3.00 commission on the first $10 of sales of a referred member, whereas with us respectively our model you would get $4.50. In addition, you will receive a commission on all of the users’ bonuses, since our commission for publishers is based on the user’s account balance, not on their earnings. For example, every new user receives a bonus of $1.00 after completing the first survey, on which you also receive indirectly a commission from us. At ySense there is also a small commission for the registration of new users, but for an additional commission of $2.00 each new user at ySense must have a $5 score (excluding commissions and bonuses). With the affiliate program of Online Panel NET, a $1 balance (including commissions and bonuses) is enough for your commission of $2.25. Furthermore, with us it is much easier to reach $1.00 as an account balance, mostly by successfully participating in one or two surveys, thus you are more likely to earn this commission with your referred users than with ySense. So it’s worth becoming a member of the affiliate program of Online Panel NET!

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